Online Marketplace

Shopify integrates as an additional layer within my standard website suite, which means you get the blazing-fast speeds of a highly-optimized website, with the ease and simplicity of Shopify's E-Commerce system.

Designed specifically for small to medium-sized product catalogs, shops that don't need any extra bells or whistles will benefit the most from this service. I'm able to keep your website at peak performance by utilizing Shopify's API, which eliminates certain features such as product search, wish lists, user accounts, and product reviews.

If you are looking for a more robust e-commerce platform, I do provide WordPress + WooCommerce as an alternative. WordPress has extensive customization and integration possibilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking more feature-rich options. However, it's important to note that while many plugins are free, some may require one-time or recurring fees. WordPress also rates worse in terms of speed than my from-scratch web designs.

If you are interested in starting your online market, hit the button below to contact me for more information!


Small Business Friendly

Once online, your website will be a 24/7 virtual employee that does marketing, lead generation, and visitor conversion - and only gets better the longer it's up! Spend more time running your business, and leave the code to me.

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    $0 Flat Fee

    Secure a 5-page business website with our All-Inclusive service option at just $150/month for a year. Post-contract, cancel anytime, fee-free and hassle-free. Domain and content ownership is always yours.

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    Website Hosting

    I use a trusted hosting provider that has a 99.9% historical uptime for their systems. If there are problems, I am subscribed to their real-time maintenance and incident feed, so I will always be on top of any situation.

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    Unlimited Edits

    Do you want to change the color of your headings, do you not like rounded buttons? Change your text content, swap out pictures, request edits for nearly anything - anytime! In most cases, changes can be made same-day.

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    Design & Development

    A fast, clean, and modern-looking website is key to instill your visitors with confidence that your business is credible and worth checking out. So I spend at least 40 hours designing, coding, and testing each website I create.

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    Insights & Lighthouse

    PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse are leading tools to measure a website's Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. Across 8 data points, my standard and shopify websites score 99+/100.

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    Google Integration

    Google Business Profile creation or touch-ups are included with all website service packages. Make sure your customers can find your site once it is live! Google Analytics setup is also offered free of charge.


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Whether you need a fresh look for an existing site or are starting from scratch, I'm here to help!

Take advantage of a free website audit and learn how a strategic, thoughtfully laid out, and search engine optimized website can draw more eyes to your business and turn visitors into customers.

Remember: A great website is an investment for your business that only grows in value the longer it is plugged in. Message me now to get started!

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